How to Enjoy the Symphony Properly

If you have not gone to the symphony before, you are in for a treat. It is a beautiful experience, with sounds so beautiful many have been brought to tears. You can learn how to play instruments, but it is always nice to have an orchestra experience rockford il musicians can provide. To enjoy your time even more, there are some things you may need to be aware of.

Welcome the Symphony

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When you arrive, and everyone is seated, the show will begin. The orchestra will be seated, and then the concertmaster will walk onto the stage. The concertmaster is in charge of tuning the orchestra for the performance. The conductor will go on stage and acknowledge the audience, bowing before turning to direct the orchestra.

Know When to Remain Silent

The utmost silence is required to ensure that each note is heard with clarity. Each person deserves to hear the sounds produced during the concert, so silence all phones and do not talk, hum, tap, or turn pages loudly during the performance. These can all be very distracting and keep others from enjoying the show to its fullest. You may also miss out on things, so keep your attention focused on the orchestra.

Know When to Applaud

Clapping before the performance or song is over can be embarrassing. You can avoid this by waiting until the very end of the performance to clap, even if there are various individual parts being played. By waiting until the very end, you allow the performance to continue without interruptions and its unity can be maintained. However, don’t worry too much about clapping in the wrong spots – it’s alright to show your enthusiasm in between songs.

The symphony is beautiful, so enjoy the performance and let the beautiful sounds fill your ears. From beginning to end, you will be in for a surprise.