5 Fun Activities for Teens on the Weekend

When teens get bored, they can get into trouble. Luckily, Lancaster is filled with a plethora of activities that ensure teens always have fun to enjoy any day of the week. Many teens spend their weekends at local activities and attractions rather than getting into mischief and trouble. Take a look below to learn five top activities for teens in Lancaster.

1- Movie Theater

Teens love to get together at the local movie theater to see the latest flick, throw popcorn at one another, and otherwise enjoy each other’s company. A visit to the movie theater is a great activity for teens of all ages!

2- Arcade

local arcade lancaster pa

A visit to the local arcade lancaster pa provides teens with endless hours of fun. There are lots of games to choose from and when the kids get together, there is endless laughter and things to do to fill the time.

3- Visit the Library

Reading is fundamental to growth and teens should read just like younger children. A visit to the library can help teens maintain a love for reading. Furthermore, there are tons of great activities that take place at the public library that are sure to show your teen a good time.

4- Science Fun

The Science center is a fun attraction for all ages, including small children and adults. Many families make this a family event and it could very well suit your needs for an amazing day, too. Hands-on experiences are educational and fun!

5- Adventure Farm

A petting zoo, games, rides, and tons of other fun can be enjoyed by kids and teens of all ages at the Adventure Farm. This is another great activity that’s awesome for family fun days and for kids to hang out together.