Get Swept Away In The Moment

Classical music might not be the best dance music – although it is debatable. There’s lots of classical music which is amazing dance music. That’s where the waltz came from when all is said and done.  What classical music can do is to add a touch of gravitas to an occasion.

Classical music often doesn’t get a fair hearing. There’s the temptation – well at least from a distance – to consider it boring. Or to write it off as something that only music students or older people listen to. There’s nothing that could be further from the truth.

Music is amazing because it has some very distinct qualities. If you have ever had to choose some ceremony music new york you will have become aware of the power of music. All you have to do is hear something and you’re instantly transported not only to when you first heard it, but where.  It will make you think of who you were with at the time. And sometimes you might even be able to get a sense of what you could smell at the time. That’s pretty impressive for a few notes jumbled together.

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All the above said it is no wonder that people look to something with a bit more depth when they are looking to mark a big event. It is also the reason why churches have an organ and not a piano – that and the fact that organs were invented first if you insist. When you want to make an entrance, when you want to have people stop and pay attention, when you want to add some sophistication to an evening, it is going to be classical music you turn to. You can’t imagine Mick Jagger being happy to play while people chat over him can you?