The Connection Between Art And Nature – Or Is It The Other Way Around?

Marc Chagall said that great art picks up where nature ends.  There are others who talk about nature being the art of the gods. Either way, the two are inextricably linked. Think of Leonardo da Vinci – his was hardly the most prolific in terms of painting, there’s only 15 of them – but the vast majority of them depict the natural world exquisitely. Most of the paintings are set against some backdrop of spectacular mountains or perfectly rendered tree lines.

At first glance abstract artist tucson doesn’t seem to be rooted in in nature in the same way. But all art has to start somewhere and for most artists even if they don’t end in nature it is certainly there somewhere on the path. Nature can be abstracted in the same way as anything else in this world.

Dolly Parton once quipped in that fantastic way she has that it takes a lot of work to look as she does – no offense to the Dolly fans and acknowledging her mastery of her subject. Abstract art is the same. It takes a lot of work to make anything abstract. Contrary to belief, it is not as simple as splashing paint about as a child would. Because when you start to really look you being to realize there is nothing random in abstraction. Each splash, as it were, is placed on purpose and with a definite plan. Even something as seemingly simple as exploring white or black is a nuanced and complex idea.

abstract artist tucson

They say of music that the silences between the notes are as important as the notes themselves. This same is true of abstract art. Where there is nothing is as important as where there is something.