The Connection Between Art And Nature – Or Is It The Other Way Around?

Marc Chagall said that great art picks up where nature ends.  There are others who talk about nature being the art of the gods. Either way, the two are inextricably linked. Think of Leonardo da Vinci – his was hardly the most prolific in terms of painting, there’s only 15 of them – but the vast majority of them depict the natural world exquisitely. Most of the paintings are set against some backdrop of spectacular mountains or perfectly rendered tree lines.

At first glance abstract artist tucson doesn’t seem to be rooted in in nature in the same way. But all art has to start somewhere and for most artists even if they don’t end in nature it is certainly there somewhere on the path. Nature can be abstracted in the same way as anything else in this world.

Dolly Parton once quipped in that fantastic way she has that it takes a lot of work to look as she does – no offense to the Dolly fans and acknowledging her mastery of her subject. Abstract art is the same. It takes a lot of work to make anything abstract. Contrary to belief, it is not as simple as splashing paint about as a child would. Because when you start to really look you being to realize there is nothing random in abstraction. Each splash, as it were, is placed on purpose and with a definite plan. Even something as seemingly simple as exploring white or black is a nuanced and complex idea.

abstract artist tucson

They say of music that the silences between the notes are as important as the notes themselves. This same is true of abstract art. Where there is nothing is as important as where there is something.

Get Swept Away In The Moment

Classical music might not be the best dance music – although it is debatable. There’s lots of classical music which is amazing dance music. That’s where the waltz came from when all is said and done.  What classical music can do is to add a touch of gravitas to an occasion.

Classical music often doesn’t get a fair hearing. There’s the temptation – well at least from a distance – to consider it boring. Or to write it off as something that only music students or older people listen to. There’s nothing that could be further from the truth.

Music is amazing because it has some very distinct qualities. If you have ever had to choose some ceremony music new york you will have become aware of the power of music. All you have to do is hear something and you’re instantly transported not only to when you first heard it, but where.  It will make you think of who you were with at the time. And sometimes you might even be able to get a sense of what you could smell at the time. That’s pretty impressive for a few notes jumbled together.

ceremony music new york

All the above said it is no wonder that people look to something with a bit more depth when they are looking to mark a big event. It is also the reason why churches have an organ and not a piano – that and the fact that organs were invented first if you insist. When you want to make an entrance, when you want to have people stop and pay attention, when you want to add some sophistication to an evening, it is going to be classical music you turn to. You can’t imagine Mick Jagger being happy to play while people chat over him can you?

How to Enjoy the Symphony Properly

If you have not gone to the symphony before, you are in for a treat. It is a beautiful experience, with sounds so beautiful many have been brought to tears. You can learn how to play instruments, but it is always nice to have an orchestra experience rockford il musicians can provide. To enjoy your time even more, there are some things you may need to be aware of.

Welcome the Symphony

orchestra experience rockford il

When you arrive, and everyone is seated, the show will begin. The orchestra will be seated, and then the concertmaster will walk onto the stage. The concertmaster is in charge of tuning the orchestra for the performance. The conductor will go on stage and acknowledge the audience, bowing before turning to direct the orchestra.

Know When to Remain Silent

The utmost silence is required to ensure that each note is heard with clarity. Each person deserves to hear the sounds produced during the concert, so silence all phones and do not talk, hum, tap, or turn pages loudly during the performance. These can all be very distracting and keep others from enjoying the show to its fullest. You may also miss out on things, so keep your attention focused on the orchestra.

Know When to Applaud

Clapping before the performance or song is over can be embarrassing. You can avoid this by waiting until the very end of the performance to clap, even if there are various individual parts being played. By waiting until the very end, you allow the performance to continue without interruptions and its unity can be maintained. However, don’t worry too much about clapping in the wrong spots – it’s alright to show your enthusiasm in between songs.

The symphony is beautiful, so enjoy the performance and let the beautiful sounds fill your ears. From beginning to end, you will be in for a surprise.

2 or 3 Best Magical Realism Writers In The World Today

Well, these could be what you would call the modern classics, books written during the previous (the twentieth) century and that are now being rumored to be candidates for inclusion to a canon of literary works, categorized in terms of its genres, magical realism of course, now being one of them. The Columbian writer, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, is held up as being one of the best proponents of magical realism within a literary work. But then again, there is still the London exile, Salman Rushdie, to take into account.

He, of course, has written a lot more prodigiously over the years and is perhaps famous, or notorious, for the wrong reasons. Nevertheless, Paul Theroux continues to enjoy a good following among literary enthusiasts who enjoy the play on words and the imagination when dealing with everyday life situations. When you canvas some of the best magical realism books ever written, since time immemorial perhaps (?), the lid is being lifted and your small world is exposed to a lot more than that previously you may have thought was not possible.

Or perhaps you already knew. Perhaps you knew that this much in life was possible. It was just a matter of never having located it in your small world. And you were searching and searching, always searching, until one day you found it. It was right before you all this time. All it took was a visit to your local library. Or a rare find at your favorite downtown dusty bookshop. Or these days, the internet. Back then it was written up as a possibility. It was magic but it was not real. Or if not that, it was pure science fiction.

best magical realism books

And yet here you are.

The Importance of Leaving Reviews

Reviews make the world go round, especially in the world of small businesses, where they often thrive on feedback. However, not a lot of people are leaving them unless it’s their job too. Critics leave reviews of restaurants and Broadway play reviews all the time, but the average person doesn’t do it as much. But reviews are important, and they don’t take much time out of a day to write.

Reviews allow product owners and workers to see the effect their product is having on the general audience and population. If a common feature is being praised, then it could lead to that feature being used again, while if there is a problem that multiple users have, the company can fix it. Plus, if you really enjoyed the item, service, or experience, you should tell the person who made it possible.

Broadway play reviews

If you’ve ever created something and had gotten no reviews or even a thank you to show for it, then you know how discouraging that feels, even if people are using your product. Don’t give that same feeling to other creators, because discouragement can take away some grand ideas from the world. Be sure to take that extra five minutes and type up something thoughtful.

It doesn’t have to be long or talk about everything, but it should highlight your experience with the product and how it ended up making your life easier or better. Be sure to thank the owner and be as kind as you can be. Not only will that review make someone’s day. But your experience might make someone else want to buy the product. Good reviews create a chain reaction, and it starts with just one.

So take the time to write one out the next time you use a product, you’ll do a lot of good.

Portraits For Posterity And For Remembering

This could be debated. But it would like to be proposed that when you ask or commission someone, an artist, a photographer, a painter, to produce your portrait, you are not acting out of vanity. For purely moral and commercial reasons, you are endeavoring to create something direct about yourself for posterity reasons. You are creating a portrait of yourself for remembering as well. And you will have posthumous portraits of others who are no longer with you.

posthumous portraits

These may be recently or long departed family members or relatives. Now, how is your portrait artist expected to produce a posthumous work of art? Quite easy actually. It is already a well-oiled practice. All the artist really does is take on photo or a series of photos and recreates something from these in the preferred or chosen medium. And it is left up to the client, that would be you, to choose the medium.

You will more than likely be picking out something truly striking or memorable about your dearly departed and this is how you would want to remember him or her. Striking a pose in real life is never easy. Unless of course, you happen to have that resilient charm or personality. You have charisma. You know how to get on with people around you. But what is wrong with being a little intense at times? Ah, this would be perfect for your portrait artist. What is wrong with being more on the introspective side of life.

This would make a far more interesting portrait surely. Whoever is left to view you on the wall is going to be left wondering just what it is that has left you so deep in thought. It must have been something quite big.

5 Fun Activities for Teens on the Weekend

When teens get bored, they can get into trouble. Luckily, Lancaster is filled with a plethora of activities that ensure teens always have fun to enjoy any day of the week. Many teens spend their weekends at local activities and attractions rather than getting into mischief and trouble. Take a look below to learn five top activities for teens in Lancaster.

1- Movie Theater

Teens love to get together at the local movie theater to see the latest flick, throw popcorn at one another, and otherwise enjoy each other’s company. A visit to the movie theater is a great activity for teens of all ages!

2- Arcade

local arcade lancaster pa

A visit to the local arcade lancaster pa provides teens with endless hours of fun. There are lots of games to choose from and when the kids get together, there is endless laughter and things to do to fill the time.

3- Visit the Library

Reading is fundamental to growth and teens should read just like younger children. A visit to the library can help teens maintain a love for reading. Furthermore, there are tons of great activities that take place at the public library that are sure to show your teen a good time.

4- Science Fun

The Science center is a fun attraction for all ages, including small children and adults. Many families make this a family event and it could very well suit your needs for an amazing day, too. Hands-on experiences are educational and fun!

5- Adventure Farm

A petting zoo, games, rides, and tons of other fun can be enjoyed by kids and teens of all ages at the Adventure Farm. This is another great activity that’s awesome for family fun days and for kids to hang out together.

7 Reasons to Go to a Concert

When is the last time you seen a live music event? If it’s been some time or if you’ve never been to a concert in the past, it is time to change that. When you go to see music live newtown square you will enjoy the time and a plethora of other benefits, too. Why should you go check out the live music? Take a look at the top seven benefits below, although many other reasons to see live music exist.

see music live newtown square

1.    Music is soothing and helps you relax, unwind, and even deal with issues that are affecting your life in many ways. We love music and nothing is better than hearing it live and in person.

2.    When you go out to a concert you can go with all of your closest friends and turn this into a social event that you will all remember for a lifetime ahead.

3.    Nothing is better than seeing the bands that you live play a live show. It is a memory that will go down in your history books of fun and excitement for sure.

4.    Concerts help you have fun that you want. When you are searching for something to do, a concert has what you want to show a good time.

5.    Music is beneficial to our heart. Many people do not realize that it is so beneficial but it really is and it can help you in many ways.

6.    It is a low cost activity that will make you smile. We all need to do things that make us happy. Life is too short to enjoy anything else.

7.    It’s an amazing atmosphere that you are sure to love, especially if you’ve never before been to a concert.

It’s time to see that band that you love live in concert, don’t you agree?

Famous Boston keys

Take any piano. Any kind of make or model or kind you can think of. It can be just a small, lightweight keyboard – a great instrument, by the way, if you want to learn how to play the piano. Or it can be the grandest one of them all. The grand piano. An instrument you only see in shows on TV or live shows in the famous concert halls of Boston or Manhattan, New York.

Does Carnegie Hall ring any bells? Of course it does. It must be true that many an aspirant pianist, aspirant in the sense that he or she will be taking musical crafts to another level, so much so that it has to be heard on the grandest stage of them all.

Pianos – it does not matter what kind of make or model you are discussing – has a number of key features, aside of its ebony and ivory keys. The piano store boston salesman must have had many pianists walk through the shop door from the city’s main street. And he has heard them all. Great tales regaling their last round of musical experiences.

piano store boston

Many of them have never made it further than a downstairs pub’s stage. But more than likely not at that famous pub, so famous it played out in TV for many years. Those folks didn’t seem too interested in music other than listening to themselves sing into their beer and wine glasses. Muzo’s will go with the flow.

They will find a chair somewhere where they can draw an audience. Piano, guitar, trumpet, it matters not which instrument, there is no finer appreciation for the musician. All he or she wants is to be heard and appreciated and share the love of the music being played.

9 Reasons Everyone Should Visit a Strip Club Once in Their Life

Perhaps you hear the words strip club and automatically get a bad impression. It’s time to put the thoughts that you’ve heard out of your head and make your way to the club yourself. Everyone owes it to themselves to check out the strip club. Many people who visit the Houston gentlemen’s club find they like what they see. When you let your guard down and prepare to have fun it’s easy to understand why the strip club is one of the best places to spend any night of the week. Read below to learn nine of the top reasons why we think that everyone should visit the strip club at least once in their lifetime.

  1. The strip club is fun if you love adult entertainment and lovely ladies. You can get a lap dance if you dare, but even seeing the ladies on stage is a pleasure. It is a fantasy come true, some would say.
  2. Want to have a new kind of fun with your lady? Take her to the strip club, if she is willing, of course. This can be exactly what your relationship needs to spark the fun and excitement!
  3. The strip club may be the source of new friends that you are looking for. It’s a great place to hang out, have fun, drink, and meet and mingle with other like-minded people.
  4. You can let loose when you attend the strip club. It’s okay to be yourself and let your guard down and have fun at the strip club. That’s what it is all about when you spend the night out at the strip club.
  5. The music is loud, the vibe is exciting, and the crowds are large. It is a social experience that everyone can enjoy and appreciate.
  6. Do you know who you really are? If you’ve never experienced all of the unique fun that life offers, how do can you be confident that you’ve found who you really are? After a visit to the strip club, it is easy to discover who you really are and the things in life that you really like.
  7. It is a non-judgement place to hang out, relax, and have a good time that teaches you so many things about human beings, the power of money, and so much more.
  8. Do you enjoy drinking? Most of us love to throw back a few cold ones when we socialize. It’s easy to do that at the strip club. The drinks are strong and the fun is there. All that is missing is you!
  9. Strip clubs are great places to celebrate special occasions. Whether it is a birthday, a graduation, or even a bachelor or bachelorette party, you can visit the strip club and be sure that this is a night to remember when it is time to celebrate.

No matter who you are, what your age, or the type of fun you want to experience the gentleman’s club has what you are looking for. Don’t wait to make your wait to the strip club!