2 or 3 Best Magical Realism Writers In The World Today

Well, these could be what you would call the modern classics, books written during the previous (the twentieth) century and that are now being rumored to be candidates for inclusion to a canon of literary works, categorized in terms of its genres, magical realism of course, now being one of them. The Columbian writer, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, is held up as being one of the best proponents of magical realism within a literary work. But then again, there is still the London exile, Salman Rushdie, to take into account.

He, of course, has written a lot more prodigiously over the years and is perhaps famous, or notorious, for the wrong reasons. Nevertheless, Paul Theroux continues to enjoy a good following among literary enthusiasts who enjoy the play on words and the imagination when dealing with everyday life situations. When you canvas some of the best magical realism books ever written, since time immemorial perhaps (?), the lid is being lifted and your small world is exposed to a lot more than that previously you may have thought was not possible.

Or perhaps you already knew. Perhaps you knew that this much in life was possible. It was just a matter of never having located it in your small world. And you were searching and searching, always searching, until one day you found it. It was right before you all this time. All it took was a visit to your local library. Or a rare find at your favorite downtown dusty bookshop. Or these days, the internet. Back then it was written up as a possibility. It was magic but it was not real. Or if not that, it was pure science fiction.

best magical realism books

And yet here you are.